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There's something so enticing about being privy to a beauty ritual. To understand the complexity of this practice, we have to uncover the layers of tradition and culture that underpin it. That's how it all started for us. Our team's roots across Seoul, Beijing, Paris and London and our travels across the world gave us access to different perspectives to personal care. Now, we want to share what we have learned with you.

Korea's approach to skincare stands out. It resonates with us most because it reveres contributions of the past while whole-heartedly embracing the future. Korean skincare technologies are rightfully reputed to be spearheading the industry be it in formulations, textures or packaging.

We created Ulzzang to curate the latest of these Korean beauty innovations with the ambition to help you achieve just what our name means: perfect or superior skin. We hope you take away the breakthrough ingredients, advanced R&D processes and unique practices we gather for you. And discover a new level of beauty, inside and out.

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